Ausball Co-Ed Rec League

Join us for the co-ed, non-contact version of Australia’s favorite game. Ausball is a game based on Australian Football (which is NOT rugby). It is a fun-filled, energetic, co-educational, tag version of the game.  This laid back social league is a great way for beginners Ifrom children to adults to try the sport. New players are mixed in with veteran players to ensure healthy competition, and skills training is provided for all new players.

What is Ausball?

Imagine soccer, volleyball and basketball rolled into one cool game where everyone gets to be the quarterback at the same time. Another way to think about it is that Ausball is like Ultimate Frisbee, with a few twists. The ball is passed quickly from player to player by either handpassing or kicking. The ball is almost always “live” resulting in a fast, free flowing game where everyone is involved. Scoring is usually frequent, so games are not only fun to play, but fast and exciting to watch!

The rules are simple and easy to learn (it will take about 10 minutes) and NO EXPERIENCE is required. In fact, we encourage it as the game is designed for complete novices!

Ausball has seen significant success since its inception in 2006 in Washington D.C. as a co-educational, tag version of the game of Australian Football League incorporating most skills used in Australian Football, as well as mimic the style of play without the physical contact.

Here’s a short video about what it’s like to play a non-contact version of Australian Rules football:


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Usual Co-ed Rec League Field Location:
Edgely Field, Randolph Dr, Philadelphia, PA 19121, USA
Rain, Hail or Shine
Soccer cleats will be an advantage but not essential.

Co-ed Rec League Season Schedule

Ausball season usually runs through the end of March through April. Check back here for updates on the 2018 season!

Games from 12pm – 1pm. Time subject to change. Signup for the Ausball mailling list for the most up to date information.

Looking for more? Checkout the the Official AFL Rulebook on the game for more information!